Brave Little Island and Road Ahead

Road Ahead covered film making, web design, music teaching and digital art. Brave Little Island is the current stage and is mainly about photography.

Mercurie Theatre 2019 – A Woman of No Importance

Well done to the director, producer and cast. It was a pleasure take a few shots of the dress rehearsal.

Click on an image for a bigger version.

Steampunk Spring at Summerhill

Summerhill is a lesser known suburb of Newcastle upon Tyne. Quite close to the city and yet so different. You step out of the present day when you go there. The bowling club is a super place for gatherings and gigs. I’ve often done PA services for bands and festivals there and in latter years attended the spring time Steampunk gatherings. You can pick up some astonishing merchandise and a jolly good ale, not to mention some engaging conversation. Continue reading “Steampunk Spring at Summerhill”