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My company Road Ahead is primarily about music teaching. Digital media has become so vital in music, I branched out to graphic and web design and even film making. Also, I am studying photography.  Here is then, my media blog.  There are separate pages for photography, graphic design, web design and film. Road Ahead Music is a separate web site. Here on the home page, I am attempting to keep a range of interesting posts on my various media and musical projects.

Spectral Visions Tarot

The Sunderland Literary Festival 2016 was opened by the launch of this book. Local artist Katie Loyd produced a series of illustrations based on the major cards of the Tarot. Spectral visions writers produced a series of poems to accompany these illustrations and the volume was edited by Tegan Stevenson. The launch consisted of speeches and readings from the book. Here we see editor and authors.

It was a pleasure to do some graphic design work for this project. The illustrations and the poems are rich in imagery and thought. A worthy addition to the wealth of Tarot lore and wisdom. The book is available from Amazon.


Astro Photography

This was a workshop type event at the Killhope Lead Mining Museum hosted by Gary Lintern. You essentially go and take photos with some professional photographers on hand to instruct you and keep you right.

It was a lovely clear night and the photographers were excellent. A great atmosphere and really therapeutic being out under the stars. This was my first attempt at night photography. I was well impressed with the photos I managed to take thanks to guidance from the professionals. Please if you’re in the Durham area, check them out one winter.

I have a new poem coming out!

H. M. Smith (Author)

I have a new poem coming out!

During 2015, in my second year as an undergraduate, I had my first poem published with Spectral Visions Press. It was an exciting time as previous to this I had only one poem published to my name; a poem I had written and submitted to a competition when I was 11 years old (which, it is safe to say, is now a little embarrassing to my 23-year-old self!)

I’m now excited all over again to be having a second poem published with Spectral Visions Press in this years ‘Tarot Collection’ anthology. While my 2015 poem ‘Mulier Maris’ was published in the ‘Grim Fairy Tales’ anthology, what is all the more exciting to me about the ‘Tarot Collection’, is that each individual writer has taken their given Tarot card and explored the themes, symbolism and meanings related to their specific card. So, there is no doubt…

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Degeneration: The All American Nightmare

Spectral Visions: The Creative Journey

In relation to our current world issues, Jenah Colledge created an idea for an effective photo shoot based on consumerism and coercion, offering a visual contrast of the American Dream and a 21st century decaying reality. Jenah graduated with a BA Honours in English and Drama and is currently studying an MA in English Studies. She also works closely with Spectral Visions as their director of social media and Editorial Team Leader for the press.

By means of drawing attention to the reality of the horrors we live in, I was forced to take a stand and make my voice heard. Constant news reports of hatred, political idiocy, racism, and the desperate attempt to segregate mankind has only brought the decaying reality of a coerced population to my attention. In a fabricated attempt to offer gilded promises of a better world, the actions agreed are quickly abolished by the powers-that-be, with…

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