The Borders

Moody Northumbrian skies up there.

Durham Cathedral

The Cathedral in the evening featuring mainly natural light from the setting sun.

Dave G Stag Weekend

Highly honoured to be invited to Dave’s Stag do. Dave is the other half of The Edison Project and will be getting married to Sophie this year.

Steampunk Spring at Summerhill

Summerhill is a lesser known suburb of Newcastle upon Tyne. Quite close to the city and yet so different. You step out of the present day when you go there. The bowling club… Continue reading

Steampunk Forever!

It has been the greatest privilege to make the acquaintance of the legendary Cornelius Etherian; statesmen, adventurer and pirate airship captain. Here we see a collection of timeless ensembles suitable for a range… Continue reading

Glamour at Harbour Studio

Harbour Studios is the largest and most well equipped studio I have used. It’s also where I first began going to workshops last year.

GSD Joy!

The legendary Provan doggies! If you ever wonder what the term “photogenic” means…  

Derry Spring 17

Really lovely city with a place in history many times over. What happened here is a portrait of society. In a short weekend I caught a suicide remebrance, a photography exhibition, a country… Continue reading

Socialism in the UK

Election campaign 2017. The UK once again has a chance of a genuine government.