Degeneration: The All American Nightmare

Spectral Visions: The Creative Journey

In relation to our current world issues, Jenah Colledge created an idea for an effective photo shoot based on consumerism and coercion, offering a visual contrast of the American Dream and a 21st century decaying reality. Jenah graduated with a BA Honours in English and Drama and is currently studying an MA in English Studies. She also works closely with Spectral Visions as their director of social media and Editorial Team Leader for the press.

By means of drawing attention to the reality of the horrors we live in, I was forced to take a stand and make my voice heard. Constant news reports of hatred, political idiocy, racism, and the desperate attempt to segregate mankind has only brought the decaying reality of a coerced population to my attention. In a fabricated attempt to offer gilded promises of a better world, the actions agreed are quickly abolished by the powers-that-be, with…

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