Latest – Charlie’s Angels Fashion Shoot

Just before the UK went into lockdown, we had this most enjoyable photoshoot at an exclusive coastal resort in North East England. Fashions were high and the temperature wasn’t. Still the sun was out and when style is your mission you step up to the mark! Models Amy Lee, Kirsty Nicole, Courtney Loraine and AdamContinue reading “Latest – Charlie’s Angels Fashion Shoot”

Flash Mob Film

Here’s a thing. It’s been years since I did film. I had a great time with this project however. A fund raising flash mob for Parkinson’s awareness. Many thanks to the organisers and to Christine and Jazzy for helping out with stills and video. The performers were brilliant, a collaboration between regional staff of the Parkinson’sContinue reading “Flash Mob Film”

Brave Little Island (formerly Road Ahead)

Brave Little Island is mainly about photography. I work with creatives implementing projects, promoting their business or just exploring their image. My business used to be Road Ahead, doing music teaching and digital media. It’s still going on to an extent but in retirement I’m hoping to do more creative work and help support youngContinue reading “Brave Little Island (formerly Road Ahead)”