Steampunk Forever!

It has been the greatest privilege to make the acquaintance of the legendary Cornelius Etherian; statesmen, adventurer and pirate airship captain. Here we see a collection of timeless ensembles suitable for a range of occasions; formal, social and err.. confrontational.


Spectral Visions Tarot

The Sunderland Literary Festival 2016 was opened by the launch of this book. Local artist Katie Loyd produced a series of illustrations based on the major cards of the Tarot. Spectral visions writers produced a series of poems to accompany these illustrations and the volume was edited by Tegan Stevenson. Continue reading “Spectral Visions Tarot”

More on Gothic Portraits

Here is the start of stage 2 of the Goth Girl photos (see earlier post) with added and edited backgrounds from various bits of the UK. This is a step closer to fantasy art portrait making, but still a way to go.  It’s a fascinating journey, though!

Our Monsters, Ourselves – Dr Alison Younger at Café Culture

A truly excellent presentation. Dr Younger giving a revolutionary view on Monsters, our relationship with them and their importance in our culture. An excellent turnout, full house including members of Spectral Visions who all contributed. Details in the post below.

Dr Younger
Dr Younger
A Selection of Visionaries
A Selection of Visionaries

Spectral Visions

Our Monsters, Ourselves – Dr Alison Younger [1/12/14]

On Monday 1st December, Dr Alison Younger gave a talk on monsters and monster theory at Newcastle’s Café Culture. Discussing vampires, werewolves and child monsters, she explores some of the most famous creatures in Gothic literature.

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