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Socialism in the UK

Election campaign 2017. The UK once again has a chance of a genuine government. Advertisements

Night Photography

Moving water and stars at Low Force in Middleton Teesdale. I think I exposed too long for the stars. You can see a little trailing. Some meteors, though. Lyrids?

Alt Models Photo Shoot

This was interesting. First unguided photo shoot. A chance to work alongside professionals with amazing models. I do like Alt models. These models I understand were competition finalists over several years. I was… Continue reading

I have a new poem coming out!

Originally posted on H. M. Smith:
I have a new poem coming out! During 2015, in my second year as an undergraduate, I had my first poem published with Spectral Visions Press. It…

Degeneration: The All American Nightmare

Here is a project with a message that means a lot to me. I’ve re-blogged the article below so please have a read. Essentially, we have a photo shoot in an American style… Continue reading

‘This is not a democracy anymore’ – Capitalism and Consumption, the 21st century Zombie metaphor

Originally posted on Spectral Visions:
In conjunction with our photo shoot, Degeneration: The All American Nightmare, Jennie Watson has contributed with an article on consumerism and zombie culture. Jennie graduated with a BA…

Road Ahead Media

My company Road Ahead is primarily about music teaching. Digital media has become so vital in music, I branched out to graphic and web design and even film making. Also, I am studying… Continue reading