GSD Joy!

The legendary Provan doggies! If you ever wonder what the term “photogenic” means…  

Derry Spring 17

Really lovely city with a place in history many times over. What happened here is a portrait of society. In a short weekend I caught a suicide remebrance, a photography exhibition, a country… Continue reading

Socialism in the UK

Election campaign 2017. The UK once again has a chance of a genuine government.

Night Photography

Moving water and stars at Low Force in Middleton Teesdale. I think I exposed too long for the stars. You can see a little trailing. Some meteors, though. Lyrids?

Flash Mob Film

Here’s a thing. It’s been years since I did film. I had a great time with this project however. A fund raising flash mob for Parkinson’s awareness. Many thanks to the organisers and… Continue reading

Spring 17, Street Portraits

April in Newcastle. Out with Chris, Mark and Stephen with amazing models Paris and Rebecca.

January 17, Portrait Workshops

Some studio portraits and first attempts at outdoor portraits. Do check out the gallery..

Alt Models Photo Shoot

This was interesting. First unguided photo shoot. A chance to work alongside professionals with amazing models. I do like Alt models. These models I understand were competition finalists over several years. I was… Continue reading

Spectral Visions Tarot

The Sunderland Literary Festival 2016 was opened by the launch of this book. Local artist Katie Loyd produced a series of illustrations based on the major cards of the Tarot. Spectral visions writers… Continue reading

The Edison Project 2016

Not a bad year. Not so much live work but completion of The Traveling Sunset EP and beginning of the new “progstep” EP yet to be named.  Here are three tracks: Dune, Escape… Continue reading