Magic Winter Sun

A few nice Northumbrian winter evening shots. The sun this time of year is a menace if you’re driving or working but we get a bonus in the early evening.

Astro Photography

This was a workshop type event at the Killhope Lead Mining Museum hosted by Gary Lintern. You essentially go and take photos with some professional photographers on hand to instruct you and keep… Continue reading

Portrait Study Begins!

I’m hoping to be able to take some decent portraits some day. I’ve attended two workshops supervised by two amazing professional photographers namely Gary Lintern and Chris Ord.

I have a new poem coming out!

Originally posted on H. M. Smith:
I have a new poem coming out! During 2015, in my second year as an undergraduate, I had my first poem published with Spectral Visions Press. It…

Degeneration: The All American Nightmare

Originally posted on Spectral Visions: The Creative Journey:
In relation to our current world issues, Jenah Colledge created an idea for an effective photo shoot based on consumerism and coercion, offering a visual…

Degeneration: The All American Nightmare

Here is a project with a message that means a lot to me. I’ve re-blogged the article below so please have a read. Essentially, we have a photo shoot in an American style… Continue reading

‘This is not a democracy anymore’ – Capitalism and Consumption, the 21st century Zombie metaphor

Originally posted on Spectral Visions:
In conjunction with our photo shoot, Degeneration: The All American Nightmare, Jennie Watson has contributed with an article on consumerism and zombie culture. Jennie graduated with a BA…

More on Gothic Portraits

Here is the start of stage 2 of the Goth Girl photos (see earlier post) with added and edited backgrounds from various bits of the UK. This is a step closer to fantasy… Continue reading

Goth Girls

Here are samples from the  photo shoot for the new Spectral Visions blog. The article by Jenah College is What Makes Goth Girls Gorgeous? Beautiful Spectral Visionaries are the canvas for Jenah’s artistry.… Continue reading

Our Monsters, Ourselves – Dr Alison Younger at Café Culture

Originally posted on Spectral Visions:
Our Monsters, Ourselves – Dr Alison Younger [1/12/14] On Monday 1st December, Dr Alison Younger gave a talk on monsters and monster theory at Newcastle’s Café Culture. Discussing…