‘This is not a democracy anymore’ – Capitalism and Consumption, the 21st century Zombie metaphor

I can’t hear enough of this message. The true face of consumerism without the rose tint. I might add in the brain sucking effect of corporatism and the blinkered masses, but I’d just end up going on all day. Well done to Jenah, Jenny, Rosie, James and Rachel. It was great to be a part of the project.

Spectral Visions

In conjunction with our photo shoot, Degeneration: The All American Nightmare, Jennie Watson has contributed with an article on consumerism and zombie culture. Jennie graduated with a BA Honours in English and Drama and is currently studying an MA in English Studies. She also works closely with Spectral Visions Press as Deputy Editorial Team Leader.

The American Dream is the ethos of the Land of the Free, but what does it really represent? Does it mean prosperity for all who work hard regardless of social order, or is it a materialistic ideology that enslaves rather than emancipates? Are the fast cars and the big house with the white picket fence really just around the corner? In truth, the representation of the American Dream is different for every American. With racial discrimination still rife, is the American Dream not a meaningless platitude used by the middle-class white American to give…

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More on Gothic Portraits

Here is the start of stage 2 of the Goth Girl photos (see earlier post) with added and edited backgrounds from various bits of the UK. This is a step closer to fantasy art portrait making, but still a way to go.  It’s a fascinating journey, though!

Goth Girls

Here are samples from the  photo shoot for the new Spectral Visions blog. The article by Jenah College is What Makes Goth Girls Gorgeous? Beautiful Spectral Visionaries are the canvas for Jenah’s artistry. The blog article examines the lure of the Gothic lady. For me, this was a great chance to further chart the realm of portrait photography. With the new Canon, the Sigma Art Lens, a few cheap LED lights and a bit of black curtain, I sought to put into practice some of this year’s study material. Click on an image to enlarge or arrow key to move through the gallery when open.

Our Monsters, Ourselves – Dr Alison Younger at Café Culture

A truly excellent presentation. Dr Younger giving a revolutionary view on Monsters, our relationship with them and their importance in our culture. An excellent turnout, full house including members of Spectral Visions who all contributed. Details in the post below.

Dr Younger
Dr Younger
A Selection of Visionaries
A Selection of Visionaries

Spectral Visions

Our Monsters, Ourselves – Dr Alison Younger [1/12/14]

On Monday 1st December, Dr Alison Younger gave a talk on monsters and monster theory at Newcastle’s Café Culture. Discussing vampires, werewolves and child monsters, she explores some of the most famous creatures in Gothic literature.

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